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Unique and perfect gifts for new mothers, fathers, and their babies!   More newborn sleep, just what parents need.  Helps newborn sleep more and cry less!  Perfect for a newborn with colic.  Makes holding and carrying the newborn easier for siblings, grandparents and parents.  Great for twins and multiples. 

Swaddle  Keeper was invented when I had been teaching childbirth class in Hood River, Oregon.  As I started manufacturing the Swaddle Keeper, I had many choices to make packaging to dealing with fabric waste.  My first focus is to reduce the amount of waste that is produced.  That takes creativity and teamwork amongst my employees when cutting fabric.  It takes  a longer amount of time to retrieve usable pieces of fabric from the very small scraps.  The fabric scraps that aren't big enough to sew into another product are used for stuffing or composted.

Packaging had been an ongoing dilema as I would prefer no packaging or very little.  As I developed the Box packaging, I changed little things to include a recyclable box, made from post consumer waste pressed paperboard as well as content in the box to be 100% useful.  No extra packaging or stuffing.  The box is the smallest I could design it to fit the contents.  I hope that some people will reuse the box and of course recycle or compost what is left.

I am a nurse working in Hood River, Oregon as a Childbirth instructor, Labor and Delivery, Newborn and Postpartum Nurse.  I also have 3 children of my own.  In my experience as a mom and working with families, I have experienced and observed the life changing events of having a new baby.  After the baby is born there is so many new experiences that parents must learn.  Providing the tools parents need to care for themselves and the new baby has been a focus on my teaching and developement of the  Swaddle Keeper.  When I teach parents how to take care of their baby I am continually impressed by the focus and effort that the new parents make to do their best.  I know that given information in a variety of sources increases the likelyhood of absorption of the information.  Through verbal teaching, demonstration, handouts and video parents are able to absorb the information about their baby and themselves more completely.  Every person learns differently, so providing the teaching through a variety of media increases the success of learning.

The information provided on the parent education video covers topics from newborn sleep, safe sleeping, feeding schedules, diapering, bathing, taking a temperature and umbilical cord care.  Most of the information is relevent when the the newborn is first born, but the video also covers how to continue getting more sleep as their baby grows and changes over the first few months.

Newborn babies need to eat every 2-3 hours until they are consistently gaining weight. The increase weight is going toward rapid brain growth and putting on fat layers.  By the time a newborn weighs close to 12 pounds, the feeding schedule can be longer between feedings.

You can be reassured that your newborn is getting enough to eat if they are having 8-10 wet and poopy diapers a day.  Your doctor will have you come to the office for periodic weight checks.  You will also know if she is getting enough to eat if she is sleeping for 2-3 hours between feedings.  If she is waking more frequently she may be hungry.  So try to feed her again, but sometimes she may need more calming techniques to help her sleep.

I have provided a tool called 'The Recipe for Longer Naps'.  The ingredients are:
-A well fed newborn
-Dry diaper
-A secure swaddle
-White noise

The swaddling is replicating what it was like when she was inside the womb.  When your baby moves her arms during sleep, she may accidentally awaken.  If she is swaddled then the snugness will allow her to settle back into sleep.  The design of the Swaddle Keeper allows for a simple and secure swaddle that won't wiggle loose.  The legs can be allowed to kick and stretch during sleep which is healthy for hip and leg developement.  When swaddled in the Swaddle Keeper it is easy to peak in and check a diaper without unswaddling since the blanket swaddling isn't essential in keeping the swaddle secure. 

The white noise is very familiar to the newborn because the sounds she heard when she was a fetus was surprisingly loud.  The blood pumping, amniotic fluid moving, and sounds from the outside world were at loud as a vacuum cleaner.  Now that she is born, our world can be very quiet.

If your baby is crying, start with making a ssshhhing noise close to her ear.  You may need to sssshhhh very loudly so she can hear you over her own cries.  As she settles, then your sounds can decrease.  Having the white noise as a background sound during sleep periods will decrease the likelyhood of accidental wakening.  A radio set to static station works the best for white noise.  Most white noise machines are not loud enough to replicate the noise she was used to.

Other calming techniques are using a pacifier or encouraging her to suck on her hand or fingers.  As a fetus she was used to sucking and swallowing.  Sucking is a rhythmic motion that releases natural endorphins that calm a baby.  Using a pacifier after she is a really good breastfeeder will not cause nipple confusion if used when she is upset or first settling down.  It can mask hunger- so make sure she is well fed before giving her the pacifier.  Limiting pacifier use to times when she is napping or in the car will provide comfort without replacing feedings or becoming a 'bad habit" as they get older.  side note:  If you don't want to use the pacifier because you don't want your toddler running around with a pacifier then limiting the use to naps or fussiness in the car for example will curb this over use as they are older.

Using a swing or carrying your baby in front pack or sling is another way to calm your newborn.  The movement and rhythmic rocking simulates the movement they had when in the womb.  Having family members and friends hold the baby when needed is an alternative to you holding her.  You cannot spoil your baby by providing calming techniques, but as she grows and developes you can teach her self calming techniques.  The first few weeks though is all about getting more sleep for yourself and your baby.

If you are upset, tired or frustrated your baby will sense that and have an even harder time settling down.  Some babies have louder cries then others so don't hesitate to wear earplugs to decrease the sounds.  You will still be caring for her, but with less volume into your ears.  It is better to lay her down crying then to accidentally lose your temper.  The number one cause of Shakin Baby Syndrome is excessive crying.  You must call your doctor, friends and family when you need help with your baby.

When your baby is settled down, she can be placed in her crib. It is best to ry and teach your baby to fall asleep on her own.  Over time with practice you can get into the habit of not feeding and holding her while she falls asleep.  Babies should always sleep on their backs.  Don't use any pads or blanket to prop them on their sides.  Please talk to your doctor about ways to prevent Sudden Infant Death and safe sleeping information.

The less a baby cries during the first 6 months, the less she will cry as she gets older. You are teaching her that her needs are being met, so that she will be a secure and confident child.

Always check with your doctor if you have any concerns about your baby.  Extended crying can be very stressful for a new family.  Take care to talk to friends, family and health care provider so that you can get the information you need to care for your baby and yourself.

The goal for this information and the Swaddle Keeper blanket is to make swaddling simple therefore making parenting easier.  Providing parents with the tools and information to help them be better parents.  Please email or call if you would like more information on pregnancy, birth and newborns.
Congratulations, Kim Stolte RN 
The Swaddle Keeper Blanket is the only one-size fits all swaddling blanket!  Simple swaddling with no complicated tucks and folds of a standard swaddle.

The Swaddle Keeper blanket is packaged with book on Newborn Care with tips, tricks and tools on taking care of your newborn and yourselves PLUS newborn care videos that teach parents how to calm a fussy baby!

"You take care of the baby, we'll take care of the swaddle. The most versatile swaddler available for new parents!  Swaddling made simple, parenting made easier."  Kim Stolte Registered Nurse, Mom and inventor.

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Everything new parents need to help them get more sleep!
Parents have the ability to take care of  babies if we give them the tools to figure it out,” Stolte says. As a  newborn nurse who works the night shift and a mother of three boys, she  understands the hardships of sleep deprivation  Click here to read full article

Swaddle Keeper blanket features:
  • V-neck opening so fabric stays away from neck and face.
  • Cotton padded head support, sewn in, no removal of pad before washing.
  • V-shaped leg opening for easy diaper changes without unswaddling.
  • The leg opening also allows the newborns' legs to kick and stretch which is better for hip and leg development.
  • Super simple design, no excess fabric to tuck and fold.
  • They won't outgrow this unique, infant blanket sleeper system with proven design and educational instruction.
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